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Investment Consulting


Investment consulting helps to develop a long-term strategy to attract or implement investments. The investment advisor does a thorough job of prompting the client to take the necessary steps and procedures.


We help our clients make effective investment decisions based on fact-finding analysis. Investment consulting is a package of services that includes the basic services to achieve the desired result ․

  • Marketing research in the field you are interested in
  • Consulting on founding a company
  • Support for staff, accounting, expert hiring
  • Search for donor programs and capital raising
  • Capital structure consulting
  • Support for corporate strategy development
  • Consulting services on company restructuring
  • Compilation and dissemination of research on securities transactions
  • Preparation and dissemination of financial analysis
  • Preparation and distribution of general investment proposals.


Crowe & Asatryans LLC  has experienced professionals who have depth knowledge to provide effective investment management advice. Our experts will help you to manage your own resources more effectively and to achieve higher results.


Crowe & Asatryans LLC  can provide advice and assistance in investing in the following countries: USA, UK, UAE (United Arab Emirates). The above-mentioned countries are quite developed and have low risk. The average annual return on investment in foreign currency is 10% – 13%.


We guarantee your privacy and confidentiality of your investment information.

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Albert Asatryan

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