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Energy industry includes the fuel industry, fuel extraction and processing, electricity generation and transmission to the consumer, as well as electricity exports. Energy consumption is constantly increasing year by year all over the world, along with environmental problems.


In recent decades, the production of alternative energy, which is environmentally friendly, particularly hydropower plants, wind farms, solar power plants are developing rapidly around the world. However, traditional methods of obtaining energy are still preserved all over the world, including mining and nuclear energy.


Energy security has become a major issue for many developed and developing countries, as few countries have a predominant share of energy. This factor has become an integral part of geopolitical agendas. In many countries, energy companies are under the control of government regulators, are regularly monitored, repeatedly reporting to regulators, and trying to comply with standards. At present, it is very important to make the right decisions in accordance with the energy and mining policy of the countries.


Private public companies operating in this sector of the economy need to be resilient to changing situations, be able to adapt quickly, maximize their operations, and increase their competitive advantage.


In developing countries, the legal framework in this area is constantly changing – new standards are set, tax benefits and tax regimes are often changed. Taking into account these circumstances, it is very important to get the right advice, to work with specialists who have experience in the field of energy and mining.


The team of Crowe & Asatryans LLC professionals in this field is ready to help you. Our specialists will help you reduce the risks, face the existing challenges, at the same time maximize the profit of investors and shareholders.

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