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The pervasive role of Information and communication technology (ICT) in economic growth is well documented. It is today emerging as a necessary factor to develop a country’s productive capacity across all sectors of the economy, linking the country with the global economy and ensuring competitiveness.


Across the world, developing countries are seeking to improve their ICT investments and benefit from anticipated increases in economic activity, and a causal relationship between the two is often tacitly assumed.


ICT offers a unique opportunity for developing countries to free themselves from historical and geographic disadvantages allowing trade and economic activities to be conducted as efficiently as in the developed world. An evolving and increasingly powerful ICT infrastructure has fundamentally changed the nature of global relationships, sources of competitive advantage and opportunities for economic and social development.

Crowe & Asatryans LLC professionals can help IT organizations run a more efficient business unit, they help businesses derive greater value from IT. Our professionals do this by providing IT organizations the insights and capabilities they need to balance the introduction of new, innovative solutions while continuing to maintain ongoing operations in line with cost and quality expectations.


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