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Audit And Assurance


The audit gives assurance to real understand your business and quality and effectiveness of your accounting and control systems.


When organizations think about audit and assurance, they often focus on assurance over the financial statements alone. However, assurance can be applied to all of the information that is used to manage, govern, transact with and invest in an organization. The market is demanding more accountability and transparency from companies in all aspects of their business.

It’s hard to know how to steer your business with the pace and turbulence of shifting regulations, technology and competition. We can help you deliver a clear path to value through improved transparency with stakeholders, confidently protecting and reporting on information for your business.

We bring new perspectives, harnessing specialized knowledge of your business, industry, and regulations to deliver deeper insights and advice across your organization


ASATRYANS LLC (Kreston Armenia) is a member of global network of independent accounting firm Kreston International.  Currently Kreston International ranked as the 12th largest accounting network in the world, Kreston now covers over 100 countries and provides a resource of over 21,000 professional and support staff.


ASATRYANS auditors use a single audit methodology that is designed to comply with the International Standards on Auditing, and align with new standards as necessary. ASATRYANS’s  focus on quality, independence, reliability methodology is-like all our services-designed to ensure compliance with professional standards, as well as optimize value for your organization and your stakeholders. 

Quality underpins everything we do.

We’ll also encourage you to develop through secondments.


You can also expect to gain exposure to the latest technological developments. In line with emerging trends, we’re bringing people on board with technology skills and by focusing on advanced data and analytics we’re significantly enhancing the quality of our work, allowing us to provide deeper and more robust client insights.


Joining us is an opportunity to get to grips with different types of organization, gain new insights and truly advance your professional skill-set.

Live our values and embrace our quality-first culture, and we’ll give you what you need to take your career from success to success.




ASATRYANS provide the following assurance services:

  • Financial Statement Audit
  • Forensic Audit & Integrity Services
  • Financial Accounting Advisory Services
  • Accounting Compliance and Reporting
  • Climate Change and Sustainability Services
  • Due Diligence
  • Review
  • Compilation
  • Expenses Verification
  • FUR audit and reporting


To learn more about the services, please, contact us via email or telephone.



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Sakharov Business-Center
48/1 Nalbandyan street, 5th floor,
0010, Yerevan, Armenia
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Albert Asatryan

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  • Address:
    Sakharov Business-Center
    48/1 Nalbandyan street, 5th floor,
    0010, Yerevan, Armenia
    +374 60 53 23 23
    +374 99 54 33 88